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About Us

'Always listen to your inner voice and be the best version of yourself'

Tingology consists of the words "Ting" and "ology". The Chinese homophony of Ting is "stop", "listen". In today's society, we often hear all kinds of voices, but neglect to listen to our inner thoughts. Through 'stop' and 'listen', we hope that our paticipants, regardless of age, can follow their own rhythms, listen to their own voices, and pay attention to themselves.

"Ology" means a branch of knowedge and learning. In our lives, we need to keep learning and growing from mistakes and experiences. Everyone's path is different. To find your own path, you must slow down and think, and establish Me Time. Pastel Nagomi Art helped me relax and calm my mind during tough times. I also hope that Pastel Nagomi Art can bring participants a brand new experience, ie. to truly understand and discover a new side of you.

The Tingology Story of Us
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