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Associate Instructor Certificate Course (JPHAA Certified)
Associate Instructor Certificate Course (JPHAA Certified)

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San Po Kong / Ngau Tau Kok

Associate Instructor Certificate Course (JPHAA Certified)

After completing the course, you can obtain the Pastel Nagomi Art Associate Instructor Certificate issued by JPHAA, and officially open the workshop as a recognised JPHAA Associate Instructor].


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San Po Kong / Ngau Tau Kok


Tuition fee:

Early bird discount $5200, extra $200 off for two people. Two or more people can enjoy more discounts (please click here to inquire)


The price includes the JPHAA certificate, color-printed notes and a set of drawing tools for the instructor. Students do not need to bring anything to the class.



Professional teachers:

The founder has been invited to teach and share Pastel Nagomi Art at AsiaWorld-Expo, CUHK, and Lingnan University, and taught JPHAA courses at Yan Oi Tong, Hong Kong Social Workers' General Union, YWCA, and many local schools and institutions.

So far, she has trained hundreds of instructors and successfully led students to start their own courses.


Collaborative institutions include: CUHK, Lingnan University, YMCA, Hong Kong Institute of Technology, Society of Boys’ Centre, etc.



Anyone who is interested in obtaining the qualification of 'JPHAA Associate Instructor', social workers, teachers, doctors and nurses, and those who want to relieve stress/relax.


Small class lecture:

2-6 students per class (you may also organize your own class.)


Course content:

  1. In-depth understanding of the concept and creative techniques of Pastel Nagomi Art.
  2. Learn how to apply Pastel Nagomi Art to coaching work
  3. Complete 18 paintings on the themes specified in the course (including four seasons, emotions, landscapes, etc.).
  4. Answer 6 simple questions and submit 3 paintings to be officially certified as "JPHAA Associate Instructor".


After completing the course, you will be able to...

  1. Recognized by JPHAA as a Pastel Nagomi Art Associate Instructor.
  2. Organize Pastel Nagomi Art classes and workshops and be able to teach self-created paintings.
  3. Students with excellent grades will have the opportunity to participate in The Tingology's "Pastel Nagomi Art Workshop" teaching.
  4. Pastel Nagomi Art tools purchase channel which helps you start your own studio.
  5. After-school consultation and follow-up

Exclusively from The Tingology:

  1. Incorporate the elements of meditation into some units, so that students can feel their present emotions and perceive their inner feelings㊙️
  2. Tools purchase channel㊙️
  3. Sharing entrepreneurial experience㊙️


Class time: 10:00am- 6:00pm (one hour lunch included)




🕙【February Schedule】


Weekday class:


1. February 6 and 13

2. February 17th and 24th


Holiday classes:


1. February 5th and 12th

2. February 19th and 26th


🕙【March Schedule】


Weekday class:


1. March 6 and 13

2. March 24 and 31


Holiday classes:


1. March 5th and 12th

2. March 18th and 25th





[If the above schedule is not suitable, you may form a class by yourself of any day. We have weekday classes, flexible arrangement of class time (morning, afternoon or evening), Please click here for Whatsapp or Signal query]

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