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Pastel Nagomi Art Worshop
Pastel Nagomi Art Worshop

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San Po Kong / Ngau Tau Kok

Pastel Nagomi Art Worshop

Seeing people's paintings are so beautiful, but you have no artistic foundation? It doesn't matter, join our Pastel Nagomi Art Workshop! We start from stratch, so anyone can join us! Let's enjoy the fun of painting together 🥰


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San Po Kong / Ngau Tau Kok


Pastel Nagomi Art (also known as Hope Art) was founded by Japan Pastel Hope Art Association in 2003. Its classrooms are located worldwide, and its certificates are globally recognized. The purpose of Pastel Nagomi Art is to bring hope and spiritual healing to others through simple drawing. Pastel Nagomi Art is newbie-friendly and suitable for people of all ages, even for those with no artistic experience. The instructor of The Tingology is recognised instructor of JPHAA. She was invited to share Pastel Nagomi Art at Asia-Expo, and taught in Yan Oi Tong, Hong Kong Social Workers' General Union, YWCA and local schools and communities.


Quota: 1-5 students per class (you can organize your own class)


Duration: about 1.5 hours


Target: Suitable for those who are new to Pastel Nagomi Art.


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  1. Understanding the tools of Pastel Nagomi Art
  2. Creation Tips
  3. Let's draw together !



🥰 Let's experience the fun of Pastel Nagomi Art together🌈

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