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Mandala Workshop Hong Kong

What is Mandala?


Mandala (English: Mandala; Sanskrit मण ल), literally means "circle" and "center", is a figure with sacred meaning and strict structure. The composition is composed of layers of fine and regular patterns.

Mandala is divided into black and white mandala and color mandala-: creators can freely choose any shape and color to express emotions according to their present emotions and feelings. It requires a high degree of concentration to draw neat and regular patterns when creating. Therefore, mandala is a good mindfulness practice, which is very suitable for emotional healing and stress relief.

Mandala Course

  • Mandala
    Ngau Tau Kok, San Po Kong
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    Ngau Tau Kok, San Po Kong, Ngau Tau Kok, Hong Kong
    Mandala is a great mindfulness practice, great for emotional healing and stress relief. If you are looking for a peaceful and quiet space, welcome to practice the art of mandala meditation with us 😊 ​
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